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Today, we might be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But we also harbor one-fourth of the world's blind population. What is even more shocking is the fact that even though we had about 9,500,000 deaths last year, only 10,000 actually donated their eyes.

It is this kind of apathy that has become our inspiration to set up Bharat Eye Bank hopes to become an important platform for disseminating vital information on eye donation. Of all the blind population in India, three million suffer from corneal blindness, which means their vision can be restored with donor eyes. Can there be a nobler cause than bringing the joy of sight?

But why then does the solution seem so elusive, especially if the procedure to harvest a person's eyes after death is so simple? The reasons are many, but primarily it has been the lack of a concerted effort by everyone involved, which includes, professionals, the media, Government, voluntary organizations and civil society at large.

So, what then is the solution? To improve awareness, all possible approaches need to be employed, be it the Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programs, grief counseling, or extending our wholehearted support to all the eye banks and voluntary organizations involved in the cause of eye donations. More importantly, I think we all have the power to make a difference; we just need to shed our apathy and become eye donors today.

I'm sure I will get your complete and full-hearted support in this noble cause. Become a sight ambassador and help us spread the gift of sight.

Thank you,
Murugavel Janakiraman
CEO, BharatMatrimony Group

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