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Bharat Eye Bank has joined hands with the NayanaJyothi Trust to enlist one million eye donation pledges across India in support of the National Eye Donation Fortnight (Aug 25th To Sep 8) and the National Eye Donation Day on September 8.

The 'One-Million-Pledges' campaign is a not-for-profit and noble cause to give the gift of sight to the blind in the country and to promote and spread awareness about the importance of eye donations.

You too can make a contribution towards the cause of the blind in India by joining the campaign.You can pledge using the online eye Pledge form in our site. Within a week of your registration you would be offered a printable online Sight Ambassador Card with two eye bank numbers for easy access. You will also receive SMS alerts and Emails to keep your pledges fresh as well as to remind you to spread the word on eye donation.

"It is a deep concern that India is home to one-fourth of the world's blind population. Can there be a nobler cause than giving the joy of sight? The One-Million-Pledge campaign offers hope of a new life to many of our blind citizens. We are happy to be working with NayanaJyothi to improve awareness and create more eye donors in India. I would urge everyone to become a sight ambassador and help us spread the gift of sight."

Founder-CEO Consim Group and Chief Patron, Bharat Eye Bank

"BharatMatrimony has over 20 million customers which keep growing. Their support and encouragement through Bharat Eye Bank will help us get closer to the target of a million pledges. The current campaign will enhance awareness and enable more eye donations through multiple channels including online, WAP and SMS making it easy for lakhs of people to pledge and be a part of a digital database that can be accessed by eye banks across India."

Founder Trustee, NayanaJyothi Trust

"NayanaJyothi's partnership with Bharat Eye Bank, a CSR initiative of Consim, will create a major impact in creating awareness about eye donations and help all the eye banks to harvest more eyes in the years to come. Last year only 15000 useful eyes could be collected. Eye donation is not like blood donation. Even to know whether a pledge will become an eye donation will take many years. Today awareness creation, easy ways to enable pledging, keeping the interaction with those who have pledged on a regular basis and finally helping the bereaved family to reach an eye bank within the 6 hours time-band, need a new approach. NayanaJyothiJayaraman through his NayanaJyothi Trust has come out with out of the box solutions. Their partnership with Bharat Eye Bank is a boost for the eye donation movement in India."

Dr Mohan Rajan,
Eminent eye surgeon and Chairman & Medical Director, Rajan Eye Care
and Rotary Rajan Eye Bank

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